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Dyno Jet Tuning your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson® of Indianapolis offers full Dynojet services for all your engine tuning needs. No matter what type of engine is in your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle we have the latest Dyno Software Winpep 8 from DynoJet to ensure that your engine is properly tuned and road ready.

When should you tune your Harley-Davidson?

Dyno tuning is recommended to be paired with any engine or exhaust work that would affect the air flow during the internal combustion process. Whether you are installing a high-flow air filter, a Stage Upgrade, or Slip-Ons your internal combustion engine will need to be tuned.

Why do you need to tune your engine after engine work?

Modern engines are more than just pistons moving up and down to compress air and fuel within the combustion chamber creating power. Today gasoline engines are built with computers to insure that engine produces more power, are fuel efficient, and stay effective for longer. These computers are the component of the engine that require updates when air flow is altered through engine upgrades.

What can go wrong if you don't tune your motorcycle?

There are many issues that could occur if you do not properly tune your engine after upgrading. First and foremost your engine will likely run hot or rich. This means that Air/Fuel Ratio will be more or less than 14.5:1.

If your Air/Fuel Ratio runs higher than optimal it means that your engine will run hot, fuel economy will decrease, power will decrease, and the combustion chamber inside of the engine could begin to warp due to lack of fuel in the combustion process. If your Air/Fuel Ratio run lower than optimal it means your engine will run rich. Your engine will have unburned fuel that remains in the cylinder, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, or is expelled from your muffler.

Both of these scenarios could lead to the engine creating suboptimal units of power, whether you are looking to increase Horsepower or Torque on your Harley.

Are there Alternatives to a Motorcycle Dyno?

Yes, there are "Engine Control Modules" called Street Performance Tuners you can purchase. The only Street Tuner available to purchase without voiding the factory warranty is the Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Performance Tuner through your local dealership or the Harley-Davdison Website.

While Street Tuners are available as an option to chassis dyno tuning, they are not the same. Street Tuners, by their nature, must gather their information from riding on the roads and DynoJet Tuning is done in an entirely controlled environment that allows for exact measurements from intake all the way through power to the wheel to be measured.

Why should you have your Harley tuned at HD of Indy?

Simply put, Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis features more years of combined experience in our service department than any other dealership in the state of Indiana. Our Service Bays feature Four Master Technicians with over sixty years of combined experience working on motorcycles.

Our technicians are experts at everything they do around Harley-Davdison Motorcycles. Oil changes to full engine rebuilds: Chris, Todd, RC, and Zach have seen pretty much anything that can be wrong or upgraded with a Harley.

Whether you want to rebuild your engine with a Stage IV 131 build, upgrade your cams, or just want to see what kind of horsepower and torque your motorcycle is pushing out Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis is the place to go for everything DynoJet Tuning in Indiana. Book your service by clicking the button below or giving our service department a call at (317)815-1800!


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